WOD 12/1

01 Dec

em>Monday December 1,192014
Make sure to tell your loved ones, friends and family, you know the ones that may not “want” to do CrossFit about our Fitness BootCamp classes.
These truly are for beginner through advanced fitness levels. Non-Competetive, Very High Intensity, Extremely modifiable (scale able), fast paced and fun!

Skill / Strength

Front Squat

2- Reps EMOM for 10 Min


AMRAP 6 Min of:

3- Squat Cleans RX= 185/135
5- C2B Pull-Up

3- Min Rest then:

AMRAP 6 Min of:

5- S2O RX= 135/95
25- Double-Unders

Scored on reps and rounds

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