WOD 11/5

05 Nov

em>Wednesday November 5, ,192014
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We will be re-Testing our 1RM Back Squat on Friday evening at 6:00. Warm-up starts at 5:00
This will be performed in “powerlifting” meet fashion. Your lift (attempt) will be posted on the flight board, as will your specific lift time.
Each person will take the platform individually, and we will all scream our face off to see that you smoke your previous best! You will get 3 lifts (attempts)
Friends, Spouses, Family, Are all welcome and encouraged to come out! we’ll have grub for everyone to enjoy.

Smolov Squat 10 x 3 @ 87%

Skill / Strength


30 Min to develop technical pattern deficiencies,
Work on any starting point..Knees, Hang, High Hang..
Work on any receiving point..Muscle, Power, Squat

Heavy loading is not necessarily the goal.

30- Min


“Flight simulator”

Double-Unders, Unbroken segments from,


For Time

20-Min Cap

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