WOD 11/3

03 Nov

em>Monday November 3, ,192014


Hey gang, we have 2 more days worth of squats before we take some time off before we re-test so hang in there!
Smolov today is:

7 x 5 @ 82% of 1RM

Skill / Strength

16 Min EMOM

1- Squat Clean
1- Hang Squat Clean

Perform them unbroken

Then, use the rest of the 30 min to move through each of the movements that you may struggle with during the WOD. And get your stations set up.


AMRAP 4 of

50- Double-Unders
10-Thrusters 95/65

1- min rest

10- HSPU
10-calories on Air Dyne

1- min rest

7- Snatch
10- Ring Dip

Scored individually

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