WOD 11/21

21 Nov

em>Friday November 21,192014
Today we Squat!
We will be having our “Meet” starting with warm-ups at 5:00 and Lifting at 6:00.
This meet is for everyone to attend. Not just for those who have gone through the recent squat program. Everyone is encouraged to participate as this environment will be more conducive to establishing a new 1rm. Bring the family to watch. Each person will get their own turn on the platform, as we all encourage. If your not squatting, we still want you here to support your CrossFit-PHIT team.
If your not able to make it work on:

Skill / Strength

Back Squat


30 Min


Follow the ladder sequence 3-6-9-12-15..etc,
for 12 Min AMRAP of:

Box-Hop 30/24

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