Starting with us is easy!

All you have to do is give us a call and we will schedule your initial “Elements” orientation classes around your schedule. There are generally 3 “Elements” classes in which you will be one-on-one,or in a very small group format with a coach assigned to teaching you. After you have Graduated from Elements, you will have a much better fundamental understanding of the foundational movements inherint in CrossFit.
Attending Elements classes are mandatory. Unless you have previous formal “CrossFit” experience. Meaning you have been properly
coached and trained to be fluent in the methodology and movements that are unique to CrossFit.
Not only will you be introduced to CrossFit as a General Strength and Conditioning program, you will be enlightened on what makes
our CrossFit-PHIT culture different from all of the other “fitness classes” you may be familiar with.
From our unique workout programming, to our unique type of positive, supportive “Family oriented” environment.
We don’t pride ourselves on having a big class. We intentionally keep our class sizes manageable to allow a better, faster, safer crossfit experience.
Call Today to get in!

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