WOD 6-10-13

10 Jun

Monday June, 10 2013

Snatch Balance

Sots Press


This is very simply a shoulder press from the bottom of
a back squat. In the bottom of the back squat, with the
bar racked on the upper back and the hands in a snatch
grip, press the bar straight overhead, reaching toward
the ceiling. Keep the shoulders active, chest up, glutes
and hamstrings engaged, and a good lumbar curve in
the back. Start with a dowel and add weight in small
increments. This movement both requires and develops
flexibility and comfort in the bottom of the squat.



This WOD was named by Coach Greg Glassman, who actually came up with the thruster exercise. It is one of the most popular WOD’s and extremely challenging. “If a hurricane that wreaks havoc on a whole town can be Fran, so can a workout.” – Glassman

Barbell Thrusters RX=95/65

Reps For Time
(Anyone who is not happy with their time may come back and re-attempt today only at a later class time)

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